The Daily Doodle: “I love you, Mr. Spock!” (or “Kiss Meeeeeeee”)

I’ve been binge watching Star Trek – The Original Series lately. For a variety of reasons, I never got to watch it while growing up. Yay, for Netflix. Clearly, I’ve fallen for Spock. R.I.P Leonard Nimoy.

This was a very quick sketch done while laying on my stomach on the floor watching Star Trek – TOS. I forget which episode (shoot!). I wanted to put another thought bubble with a red heart sort of above the other one in the empty space closer to the top of the page, but my partner insisted that I leave it as is. And his ear seems quite large, even for him. But that’s okay. We’ll accentuate one of his best features :p

Maybe I’ll make a painting of this one day. I feel like I need Mr. Spock hanging on my wall. ❤



About JRow

JRow is an L.A.-based artist who also creates and leads online community-based art projects. Websites:

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