#TBT First Completed Painting With An Original Composition


‪#‎TBT‬ the first painting I did as a teenager that actually had some sort of original composition (v. a portrait), c. 1999/2000

I don’t think I ever gave this a title. It was rolled up in my mom’s basement for years. It’s mostly acrylic except for the snake to the left. That’s molding paste, and the green outside of the snake is a map of part of the east coast of the U.S. and is made of paper that was painted green. I remember not wanting to use gesso on this piece of raw canvas I found. I think it might have been headed for the trash at the art store I worked in at the time. And I think I used egg instead of gesso. I’m not sure why. Was I trying to be like what I thought “old masters” used? Was I being cheap? I have no idea, but whatever I did, didn’t work well. I had a hard time with the first layer, I recall. Before moving across the country, I salvaged this. I will probably nail it to a piece of wood in order to hang it. It’s about 24×36 inches. Fetuses were a big theme in my adolescent art. And pregnant “women” showed up a lot then and in my 20s. Interesting.


About JRow

JRow is an L.A.-based artist who also creates and leads online community-based art projects. Websites: http://artiststories.wordpress.com/ https://jrowart.com/


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