Erasure Art Experiment Leads to a New Series

I had this random piece of watercolor paper that I didn’t know what to do with, so I decided to experiment. I drew a figure on a bicycle, chained to a pole. And because I have an obsession with erased art, I decided to paint over it with white acrylic paint. I then drew a new image on top of it. While you can sort of see one of the bicycle wheels below the new image, I learned that by holding the piece up to the light, the erased image came through like a ghost. The light decodes the image.

The reason I like erasure art is because it makes someone’s personal history very human and accessible. I love to see little mistakes in people’s work and where they covered it up. I love the erased pencil trail I can visually walk in some pieces. It also plays with this idea of past and present, and also rebirth and second chances, or personal growth. And it is an authentic reflection of real life and the influence of a past — forgotten or not — on our lives today, no matter how different.

The pieces are on an irregularly sized piece of paper close to 18 x 24 inches.

To see the pieces, click on each image below:

This has led me to a new series of work like this (forthcoming).  I will leave out the specific details, but it involves two layers and light. You will see the actual pieces soon.

This is exciting because it was not an idea I went into my studio with but discovered through the process of experimentation!

What kind of art experimentation do you like doing?








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JRow is an L.A.-based artist who also creates and leads online community-based art projects. Websites:

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