I Begged Them to Destroy My Art

In 2012, I was part of a show called  Coup d’Espace: Palimpsest at Washington Project for the Arts.

All of the pieces were destroyed and turned into QR codes. You can view the catalog here, but you need a QR reader on your phone or iPad (or similar device) to pull up the artist statements and pictures.

It turns out that they did not end up burning the piece. That would have been my first choice! Ha. It turned out quite beautifully actually.

Here is the original (click to enlarge):

Here is what it looks like now, installed. They soaked it in Citrasolv, and used scrub brushes to then get the paint off. After that was done, they sewed all the pieces together (click to enlarge):

Dear Babies, Please Forgive Me, (c) JRow 2012 [palimpsest version]. Acrylic on canvas.

Here you can view the catalog in PDF form free or charge or order a paper version.

Here you can view photos from the opening.

Process photos of them transforming the work will be emailed to me in the future, so look out for Part III of this series!


About JRow

JRow is an L.A.-based artist who also creates and leads online community-based art projects. Websites: http://artiststories.wordpress.com/ https://jrowart.com/

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