The Most Boring Art I Ever Made?

I wanted to explore something simple, something more minimal than my usual work. I recently entered the 21st century and got my first smart phone, so I wanted to explore the video function on the phone, especially since I have recently seen a lot of calls for art that involve telephone photos or video; these made me very curious. So I thought to myself, what’s one of the most basic elements of art? The line. I decided to explore line using the video camera on my cell phone while I walked through an urban setting.

I was walking through Central Park and I started to see my environment differently. While this is not a new idea and normal for the architecturally minded, especially, I started to notice the function of line in everything —  the most consistent throughout the City being lines on the ground, particularly the sidewalk.

Thus, I made this video documenting lines that I came across as I walked around the City. It was a little difficult considering I was not using a tripod for steadiness; I had to be sure not to get my feet involved so I had to walk a little awkwardly; and there are a lot of people on these sidewalks, many of whom who were less than excited with my art experiment that steadily blocked foot traffic.

I did not add music since I wanted to use the City noise — the natural soundscape.

While this is a rather long video for a bunch of sidewalk footage, I can’t help but like it, although I simultaneously find it incredibly boring. I like the variety of lines that I encountered. I think they are rather beautiful, and I like the act of documenting the discovery of them. There are an endless supply of unique lines throughout the City and beyond.

I wonder if this would have been a better project in photographs. There were preliminary photographic studies for the video. While I think they are aesthetically pleasing and nice photographs (also taken with my cell phone), they lack the continuity and act of discovery and movement that the video brings. I’m not sure what the answer is.


About JRow

JRow is an L.A.-based artist who also creates and leads online community-based art projects. Websites:


  1. Your video got me from the start – the textures on the ground are beautiful And the lines, of course … definitely NOT boring. =D

    • Glad to know that you “get” it 🙂 I think I’m more afraid that it will bore people to tears than I actually think it is boring (although I hate to admit that b/c I don’t like to let such a feeling lead me and my work!). I kind of adore the lines and textures in the sidewalk 🙂 And thank you!

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